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Maybe you've heard of some of your friends, family or people in your circle speaking about the new Clubhouse app. Are you wondering what it can mean for your business, brand or enterprise? and why are people are so obsessed with it? Let's have a closer look at exactly what this Clubhouse App is all about...

What is Clubhouse App?

Clubhouse App is a free mobile app that provides a space for people all over the globe to connect by sharing similar interests. Unlike the typical social media apps of today, this is a powerful app that allows people expand their business by informing people in various communities of their products, services and value they can offer. This ingenius app was created by co-founders Paul Davison @pdavison and Rohan Seth @rohanseth. To join clubhouse, you must be invited by someone in your network. Invitations are limited and those who are invited, can drop in and out of 'clubhouse rooms' using only their voice to build relationships with other members. You may participate as an audience member or as a moderator.

Why is Clubhouse App Important to my Business?

Not only is it a great app for networking. Clubhouse app is a blessing for those who crave information and connection with those who share similar goals in business and in life. The most interesting thing about Clubhouse is the amount of free information that is given out by celebrities, former executives, entrepreneurs, six and seven figure business owners, investors, and more. Clubhouse is not just an app for networking globally, but it's an experience and a great way to showcase your personality and meet like minded people.

How Can I Use Clubhouse App to Grow My Business?

Here are my list of things you can do to use clubhouse app to grow your business or brand. What's so intriguing about clubhouse app is that it truly assists in helping you find your tribe. As you go into the rooms, you'll start to find dialog that resonates with people who actually need your products and services. Create and join rooms, which you think you can offer the most value and your target market will be interested in.

1. Complete Your Profile & Choose a Professional Photo

The first step in being found on clubhouse app is to completely fill out your profile. The search feature is very powerful and allows you to find people by interest, title, experience, locations and more. Be sure to put your URL, work history ( if you want ), hobbies, achievement stats, email address / contact into and reasons people should follow you or what you can offer. Take 5 to 10 minutes to fully optimize your profile so you can easily be found. Remember to choose a photo that represents you well.

2. Put Your Call to Action ( CTA ) or Special Offer in Your Profile

Building or participating in a communities will generate the perfect opportunity to put your business in front of others. When writing the bio information for your profile, don't be afraid

to put your URL or tell people it's okay to DM you. If you want people to buy your products or services, you need to direct them to where they can find your items for sale or for download.

3. Integrate Your Social Media into the App

The app allows you to connect your instagram and twitter account. Make sure you connect them to maximize the value of the clubhouse app and get people to follow your business or brand on all channels.

4. Host Your Own Private Clubhouse Room

Hosting your own private clubhouse groups are powerful. It will not only allow you to share your intellect and offers with people who are interested in your business, but to establish yourself as an authority. Always come into the room with something to offer. That could be advice or recommendations for challenges, issues or problems that are commonly happening with your audience. Show up as yourself and give knowledge. You can monetize this room by charing a fee to come into it for private one-on-one or group sessions. Rooms can be closed and opened at any point in time.

5. Start Your Own Club

In order to start your own club, you need to host multiple rooms per week to qualify. Starting your own club is a great way to make genuine connections with people. This will allow you to create genuine conversations and reach out to people who need your solutions. Create a schedule of events to host in this club and an incentivize people to follow you or go to your website off of the app.

Be consistent and host clubs at least 3x a week. Decide on a weekly or daily and schedule calendar events. Find people with authority on clubhouse app to help you moderate these events. This will help bring in different audiences to your events. Don't forget you can 'ping' someone into the club or any of your rooms in order to generate a bigger audience.

6. Host a welcome party for your friends

Hosting a party for your friends is a great way to help introduce your connections to others and celebrate each other's onboarding to the app. With new people, come new ideas, so help these people establish relationships with others on the app. The more engagement you can get through this app, the better.

7. Raise Your Hand to Ask Questions

Go in the rooms and just be yourself. Treat clubhouse app like a live podcast, the best guest speakers are being curated by moderators who host rooms and clubs that align with your goals and objectives. Simply, raising your hand to ask a question in a large room is a great way to get instant exposure to your profile, name and brand.

8. Promote Your Products, Services & Offers

If you plan on hosting rooms or a club, you will need to plan on being in constant contact with people in your audience. Prepare a promotional plan of freebies that your business will give away as a lead magnet in each room or event. Be willing to promote this link vocally at the beginning, middle and end of each session.

Also, put the link in the first few sentences of your bio with a call to action. If people in the audience are interested in learning more, direct them to where they can go after the room ends. A promo plan could include things like: Save $25 if you register today, get me free ebook on how to create courses online, buy one, get one free offer, save $100 my course when you use the code in my bio, etc. The most important thing is to give away more information than what you are asking for back from the community. Make sure you are providing value, be of service and be consistent.

9. Use it to Build an Active Community of Buyers

After making your introductions, I would recommend you start thinking seriously about building a community, come on the platform each day, pop into other rooms, always be present, so you don't miss any opportunities to be found or grow your business. Engage in other people's rooms and offer to co-host rooms with other people. Invite your own followers to the new rooms. Find ways to support each other on Clubhouse and the money will follow

10. Collect Feedback for Your Products & Services

Use clubhouse app to speak to your audience and get their feedback on what they want out of clubhouse and out of your business. Collect data. Ask them to fill out a form indicating what kind of information you can to bring to them, what kind of content they want to hear and how you can best help.

Together, Clubhouse app is indeed the perfect blend of human and technology interaction. Who knew that live audio chat would become such a critical application that ultimately transformed our personal and work life? Eventually the app will be opened up to the public and additional features will be added. The majority of users are already using it to make new friends, partners, alliances, and stay in touch with people who share the same interests, loves and passions in life.

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