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New Business Book just released “Leaders Build Business” by Adella Pasos

Business icon, Adella Pasos has released her new book, “Leaders Build Business: Effectively Mentor and Coach Your Sales Team”. An essential guide to building and nurturing a sales team, this work is all about those secrets of leadership that everyone desires to know and incorporate in a sales team.

Developing confidence in one’s abilities isn’t a walk in the park, and becoming a great leader appears an unachievable goal to many sales professionals. Adella Pasos, who has helped countless entrepreneurs and business owners succeed, has come out with well researched and real world advice to help higher performing sales teams actually grow.

“Leaders Build Business” tackles some important sales and marketing topics head on: Why a sales team is important, how to keep the team happy, and methods to align sales with marketing. She offers answers to unknown questions such as what defines success in sales, how to disburse leads fairly, ways to get your people to meet their quotas, and rewarding good selling behavior. Adella also shows how to map the customer journey and buyer personas, the entire lead generation process from start to finish, and more.

If you are in charge of sales for a company, in any capacity, you need this book. Each of these recommendations is an essential part of building your path to becoming the best leader you could ever be. Develop the skills you need to be successful in any industry,” says Adella Pasos.

Very few management books are written specifically for sales leaders and executives. “Leaders Build Business” stays away from the popular and delivers only solid advice the reader can believe in and trust. The topics covered are wide ranging and vast, including sales management, designing a sales focused organization, technology and crm solutions, techniques for developing sales leaders, and mentoring and training advice. If you are in charge of driving revenue, or managing a sales team, this book is a must-have!

“Leaders Build Business by Adella Pasos is available as an ebook and paperback edition at major retailers including Amazon, Apple iBooks, Google Play, Barnes and Nobles and more.

Free sample available from Amazon Kindle.


About Adella Pasos

This Entrepreneur and Marketing Expert has shared her passion for growing brands from the ground up. She’s worked with Startups, Small Businesses, Fortune 500 Corporations and Entertainment Talent to help them recognize the value of marketing, and give her clients the ability to access their niche market via online, social media, mobile, merchandising, and events. She hosts the What's Your Game Plan TV show features: Free Expert Advice, and Growth strategies for Business Owners Across the Globe. Access thousands of FREE Tips, Trends & Tools to Move Your Business Forward! Subscribe to her list of leaders today!


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