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Starting Conversations With Your Boss About Business Failure

For those who have worked in business for many years, will be familiar with the concept of "leadership and communication." The whole point of appointing a leader in the business is to make sure everyone is on same page and that challenges and expectations are communicated to the team.

For some people, this may mean having to communicate to their boss or the executive team about the possibility of going out of business, loss of revenue or failure in a certain area of the sales process.

Most likely, you and your leadership team are not on the same page regarding where you should take your business next. This could mean that you have completely different expectations than your manager or even the employees.

See, some people are afraid to communicate their opinion or direction with their boss. They feel safer going into business failure instead of just asking for advice or suggestions. Unless you have developed some sort of proprietary system within your business that your business is based upon, it is extremely unlikely that you will have a one on one with your boss when you decide to go out of business. Unless both of you are going to continue to work in your business, this will just be a waste of time and energy.

What you can do to open the conversation?

The only way to ensure that you have a great communication with your boss or managers is to constantly be proactive about where you need to go and the status of the business. Booking a weekly or bi-weekly session to discuss updates, questions or concerns will help build rapport and trust that things are going in the right direction.

Make sure that you get together with all of your business leaders early on in your business operation. In fact, I would also suggest that you hold business failure sessions once a month. Meet with people on a daily basis. This way, if you ever find yourself going into business failure, you have already gone through the process of improving your business.

By meeting regularly, you are also setting up weekly meetings with your business partners. In fact, I suggest that you hold at least one office meeting a week. Once again, I encourage you to hold office meetings with all of your business leaders. By setting up these meetings as a routine part of your business operation, you are going to get into the habit of going out of business day by day.

Collect all the facts, data and reports that you need to support the activities which have been deemed a failure or not providing the results you or your boss have been looking for. Be prepared to present this information and why you believe it hasn't worked in the businesses' benefit. It would be also helpful for you to do research and offer what you think the solution should be for the problem.

Another thing that you can do is have these kind of conversations with food and drink. Help the leadership team relax their minds a bit and loosen up the environment. After all, talking about business failures is never and easy topic to discuss.

Just starting the conversation is very important step. If you want your business to be successful and prevent failures, then you must take the initiative to have the conversations frequently. Don't be afraid to speak up about the reasons why you think the failure is happening and ask them to help you identify the problems and tactfully come up with a solution, together.

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