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5 Ways Nonprofits Can Save Money on Tax-Exempt Supplies with Amazon Business

Registered businesses and organizations such as non-profits are allowed to create business accounts on Amazon and assign employees to shop on their behalf for tax-exempt supplies. This is one way through which nonprofits can maximize Amazon with business accounts. Here are 5 ways through which non-profits can save money on tax-exempt supplies with Amazon business

1. Efficient reporting: With Amazon Business, nonprofits can report their expenditure on supplies seamlessly. This is possible because of the analytics tools incorporated into business accounts which allow businesses to make reports and get insights into their spending. Nonprofits will especially benefit from the available analytics tools because it allows them to make reports suitable for different categories of stakeholders, including the different types of donors. They can also apply the analytics tools in making annual reports. This tool also give nonprofits the insight they require for efficient budgeting in line with their funding and organizational goals.

2. Approval workflows: Nonprofits can create approval workflows with ease when they open business accounts on Amazon. With the business accounts, members of staff can be assigned to be in charge of ordering supplies, this delegation of ordering can be swiftly achieved. Purchasing oversight can also be achieved with the approval workflows.

3. Savings: Nonprofits can enjoy different forms of savings, in addition to tax-exempt shipping available on Amazon Business. The available savings can be quantity discounts to save money on supplies when they buy in bulk. Progressive discounts are also available for the products that nonprofits buy regularly. They can also enjoy more discounts when they opt for recurring delivery of frequently used products. Everyday savings and deals are other options for nonprofits to enjoy wholesale purchasing discounts, including discounts on equipment. Even without special discounts, low prices can be guaranteed on Amazon Business because of the competition between suppliers to win customers. With Amazon Business, nonprofits also get access to better and more cost-effective shipping opportunities, whether for regular products or Prime products.

4. Selection advantage: Millions of products across different categories are listed daily on Amazon Business. Nonprofits thus get a selection advantage on different kinds of supplies by shopping on Amazon. With Amazon, they can compare products from different manufacturers and suppliers and order the most suitable option. Nonprofits especially benefit from the selection advantage that Amazon Business offers because it allows them to respond quickly to changing needs. With access to a dynamic store like Amazon, nonprofits, and easily identify and adapt to their changing needs. As the organizations get involved in different projects, they can easily meet their shopping needs on Amazon.

5. Tax-exempt shopping: Nonprofits can apply to the Amazon Tax Exempt Program and get approved for shopping eligible tax-exempt products. The program allows the organizations to apply for tax exemption with ease and manage all related processes swiftly. Tax returns are automatically processed, and nonprofits can benefit from this program to access better and more efficient shopping opportunities.

Finally, Amazon Business provides nonprofits with an efficient, flexible, and robust system to make regular orders for their supplies.

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