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Why Square is the Best Solution for Accepting Customer Payments

In the face of the present economic hardship, it has become more critical for businesses to lean on technology to help them reach more customers and convert them into buyers. But, the big question is, how can they achieve this if they’re struggling to even open the doors each day?

One simple and efficient solution is by accepting more forms of payment with Square. In recent times, Square, the mobile credit-card processing application, has grown drastically, and with giant corporations like Starbucks using the platform, it is expected to keep growing exponentially. Square not only makes it easier for businesses to receive all forms of payment without breaking the bank but also the process of switching to this payment system is almost free. Below are key reasons why you need to adopt Square.

Accept more payments.

Square allows small businesses to accept all payment types easily and securely, from credit cards to Apple Pay, Android Pay, and many more. As many people want to pay for things in many different ways, Square supports you to work with them instead of against them. Payments are processed immediately, and you can get paid in your bank account within one business day or instantly for a small fee. The platform also lets you generate invoices to be paid later.

Get paid in multiple places.

You can set up Square Payments on a Square Reader, via app or computer, or on your website. The application even supports offline payments for accepting mobile payments when you don’t have a network signal. Implementing Square Payments anywhere is extremely easy, requires practically no technical expertise, and allows you to start taking payment in minutes without any long-term commitment.

Saves time and money.

Credit card companies are known to charge small businesses arbitrary fees and trap them into expensive, long-term contracts. Square, on the other hand, offers transparent, flat-rate pricing free of startup fees, authorization fees, statement fees, refund fees, or PCI-compliance fees, business card fees. In other words, there are no fees!

Square Payments offers pricing terms starting at 2.6 percent plus $0.10 per swipe, dip, or tap, whether you’re using Square digitally, Square Reader, Terminal, or Register4.

Protects you and your customers.

Today, privacy and data security are paramount for businesses and customers alike. Square meets the top data security and compliance regulations, ensuring your data and your customers’ data is safeguarded during every payment. What’s more, in the event of a dispute, Square Payments will deal with the bank, so you don’t have to.

Facilitates business growth

Growth is a common goal for all companies, particularly small businesses. An effective strategy to ensure your business grows is by accepting more forms of payment, but Square Payments goes even further. By providing real-time reporting and analytics, Square allows you to get a live view of your cash flow and always have updated and accurate insights on your business’s financial health.


Square Payments makes transactions much easier for small businesses and their customers alike, in a world where technology has created gaps between the haves and the haves not - those who can afford pricey technological solutions and innovations like payment systems and those who can’t. Square aims to fill up those gaps and level the playing field by providing a solution that is affordable, easy to use, and effective.

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