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4 Ways Amazon Business Will Save You Money on Restaurant Supplies

Amazon Business was designed to cater to the needs of businesses and organizations in different sectors. Amazon gives businesses access to its wide network of suppliers. Restaurants can make bulk purchases of restaurant supplies through Amazon Business and save money. This article highlights four ways through which you can save money on restaurant supplies with Amazon Business.

One-stop shop: With Amazon Business, you get a one-stop-shop for a wide range of restaurant supplies. Suppliers list millions of products in the restaurant supplies category. Instead of contacting multiple vendors and suppliers, you can browse through the available products on Amazon Business, make your choice, and make the order. By providing you with a comprehensive list of available products, Amazon Business helps you to save time. The time you save when buying restaurant supplies from Amazon Business translates to saving money because that time can be applied towards other more productive activities.

Best prices and discounts: Multiple suppliers compete to attract customers on Amazon Business. Suppliers aim to attract customers with their prices. Businesses can browse through similar products offered by different suppliers and decide on the best option. Apart from the advantage of comparing prices between products offered by different suppliers, with Amazon Business, one can also get discounts in wholesale purchasing. Wholesale purchasing can come with general discounts.

You can also ask the supplier directly for a discount. Some discounts are also available to only business accounts. Some of the deals available for Amazon business accounts are the Quantity discounts that are dependent on the quantity of supplies bought and are most suitable for buying restaurant bulk supplies.

Progressive discounts are also available for business accounts as they make repeated shopping. Simply put, a business account gives access to more discounts. You get quality products at the best prices with Amazon Business. The guarantee of the best prices and discounts make buying restaurant bulk supplies on Amazon more attractive.

Shipping options: Business account holders can enjoy different shipping benefits. Firstly, there is free shipping on orders that are more than $25. When business account users also choose recurring delivery for eligible products, they can save up to 5%. Amazon Prime benefits also apply to business account users. With Amazon Prime, they can get products purchased in one to two days. Based on the eligibility of the product, Prime users can get same-day shipping. They can also get their orders in a day or two, if eligible.

Tax-exempt shopping: Businesses can qualify for tax-exempt shopping on amazon, and this is yet another way to save money on restaurant supplies by buying from Amazon. The Amazon Tax Exemption Program allows users, both businesses and individuals, to shop for tax-exempt products. You check for your tax exemption status, and if you qualify, shop for eligible products and save the costs of getting restaurant supplies. You can also apply the available analytics tools to check your shopping and spending pattern and make the required changes. The analytics feature helps businesses control their bottom line and save costs when shopping for restaurant bulk supplies.

Finally, businesses can save money by shopping for restaurant supplies on Amazon in any of the four aforementioned ways.

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