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A New Era of Supply Chain is Possible with VeChain

Why are these tokens so important? Vechain makes it easier than ever to run a high-performance global supply chain based business. With the most advanced blockchain technology for supply chain. Built on top of the VeChainThor public blockchain, the VeChain ecosystem provides the best resources to anyone who wants to solve real world economic issues.

Supply chain enabled companies are able to expand into new markets around the globe and eliminate shortages by leveraging the power of VeChain. Together with their customers, they are building a more inclusive supply chain system where more people and enterprises have access to better supply chain services.

Reason # 1 - Investing in VeChain and VTHO will meet your needs for a reliable, long-term income stream.

Digital Transformation for the Supply Chain Industry

Vechain technology makes it much easier to coordinate an organization's people, activities, information and resources in order to supply a product or service to consumers. Companies can now solve issues with speed, eliminate strenuous requirements and offer faster service at a much lower cost. If you work for, own or operate a company who plans to become a ‘modern organization’, undoubtedly you will need to adopt VeChain technology.

Reason # 2 - VeChain has a road map and a game plan on how they will disrupt and completely transform the supply chain industry as we know it.

VeChain beings a new standard in technology

VeChain is leading organizations to quickly accelerate growth and eliminate challenges. Vechain is restoring trust to global systems, creating a more secure, sustainable, and transparent foundation for companies to transact and exchange, govern and grow. Open and inclusive, The VeChainThor blockchain is scalable enough to accommodate global systems and robust enough to tackle supply chain management crises in the time of need.

Reason # 3 - VeChain technology is going to be the foundation for how quickly suppliers are able to respond and get products and services in the customer’s hands.

VeChain Was One of The Originals

Since VeChain was launched in June 2011, they are one of the oldest dedicated blockchain supply chain platforms on the market. Many came and went, but VeChain still remained. VeChain has had time to refine their offerings and strategy in order to compete in the future. They’ve also been able to create partnerships that enabled them to successfully move forward.

Reason # 4 - VeChain technology isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. This makes for a good investment.

VeChain Technology is Unique

Using a completely transparent technology with no single point of weakness or control allows for greater efficiency, security, and ease of tracking products in any given supply chain, while reducing cost through automation.

Reason #5 - It’s no surprise, any business that can create a different level of loyalty by showcasing how unique they are will be a winning choice.

Supported by the Top Exchanges in the World

VeChain ( VET ) is supported by Binance and Huobi Global, which are two of the world’s largest crypto exchanges. Binance alone has a $2 trillion dollar trading volume and Huobi is the world’s leading Bitcoin and Ethereum trading platform.

Reason #6 - It’s not easy to get approved to be hosted on these platforms, VeChain has done it.

If you are interested, you can buy VET and VTHO on Binance.

You Can Earn Rewards by Owning VeChain

Staking is the method of earning a passive income on VeChain ( VET ) that you already own, by allocating or "staking" it on the blockchain. It's easy to do and requires no extra effort once the process is up and running. According to the VeChain calculator, you can expect 1.09% yearly returns on a 1 million VET stake.

Reason #7 - VeChain is giving you even more opportunities to earn with them.

Big Companies Have Invested in VeChain Technology

VeChain has already worked with BMW, Walmart China, Deloitte and Penfolds. These extremely large organizations are willing to trust VeChain’s technology to take them to the next level. The competitive advantage is using Vechain.

Reason #8 - When big companies believe and invest their time and money into something, alot goes into that decision. This likely means it could be an even more secure investment for you.

VeChain is Valuable to Enterprise Stability

For those in charge or running large organizations, adoption of VeChain technology means enhanced consumer confidence and brand reputation, improved transparency in their supply chain, better quality control and supplier management. Companies will now also be able to reduce costs incurred by paying for third party verification services.

Reason # 9 - Having valuable meaning to enterprises means, VeChain will likely be adopted rapidly and used at several companies. Which means a blooming investment for you.

Vechain Has It’s Own Wallet and Is Supported by 3rd Party Wallets

The VeChainThor Wallet is a secure mobile wallet developed by the VeChain Foundation for the iOS and Android mobile platforms. The wallet supports VET, VTHO and various VIP180 tokens and features a node management tool and built-in dApp browser. The VeChainThor wallet also features a trading marketplace for nodes as well as support for observing Ledger addresses from your mobile device directly. Vechain is also supported by the following 3rd party wallets: Arkane, Atomic, Cobo,, Ellipal, Exodus, Guarda, MySafe, and Trust Wallet.

Reason #10 - Having your own wallet and being supported by others means VeChain has things setup in the right way for the future and this is something people can believe in.

Real-World Apps are Being Built On VeChain

VeChain is making app development easy! Developers are provided with technical documentation, tutorials, and tools to not only help them build on the technology, but make their business strategy and marketing work too.

Reason #11 - Vechain is providing a unique opportunity to developers and this means a good long-term strategy and investment option for you.

Vechain has a Foundation Grant Program

If you are a developer and have an idea for an app that will help transform the world, Vechain is awarding money to help you grow. The program is designed to be systematic, efficient and transparent, and covers a wide range of topics including application development, tools & infrastructure and blockchain-related research. Each winner can be awarded up to $30,000 for their project.

Reason #12 - Vechain is showing their support for the community. This helps more people believe in their mission and helps increase the value of the token.

Limited Circulation

VeChain has two in-house tokens: VeChain (VET) and VeThor (VTHO). Which is very unique, not many platforms are offering this. The dual-token system is designed to help avoid fee fluctuations and network congestion. VET is the token used for transactions, and VTHO provides fee payments and functions as “gas tokens”, similar to how gas functions for the Ethereum ( ETH ) network. It has a circulating supply of 64,315,576,989 VET coins and a max. fixed supply of 86,712,634,466 VET coins.

Reason #13 - The limited circulation means exclusivity and this means more money from your investment.

The VeChain Network is Secure

VeChain (VET) is a proof-of-stake token, and a relatively low computing power is required to achieve network security and maintain user consensus. A separate feature, proof-of-authority, involves authority masternode operators maintaining the protocol in their own interest according to rules laid down by parent organization, the VeChain Foundation.

Reason #14 - The limited circulation means exclusivity and this means more money from your investment.

VeChain Has Positive Environmental Impact at Its Core

VeChain aims to use distributed governance and Internet of Things (IoT) technology to create an ecosystem which solves some of the major problems with supply chain management. VeChainThor pledges to cultivate a healthier planet by the use of greener technology. VeChain has invested in a research team to measure the carbon footprint of VeChainThor public blockchain network.

A business's digital carbon footprint is the complete picture of its operation. As the world's largest corporations come on board, it is also essential to raise awareness of how underlying digital technologies have vital roles to play in mitigating emissions. VeChain has vigorously set out in a digitally saturated atmosphere to mitigate emissions of VeChainThor and scale necessary to meet our goal to be the greenest public blockchain.

Reason #15 - Having such an important brand mission means more people will be likely to adopt and help support VeChain. Which could mean more money for you from your investment.

VeChain Has Promising Advisory Board

VeChain has lined up a great team of people who understand the challenges in the supply chain industry and know how to position VeChain as a leader. These people come from very diverse backgrounds and will help accelerate this company very fast. They have future plans to continue hiring and seeking advice from people who know what they’re doing.

Reason #16 - A strong, well experienced, advisory board means the right decisions will likely be made at all times. Which means your investment is in good hands.

If you’re ready to invest, you can buy VTHO and VET

on Binance today.

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