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6 Steps to Building Your Corporate Image

Are you struggling to sell products and services? You may need to revamp your corporate image. Watch this video to discover how to fix this issue.

Hey everyone! Welcome back to another episode of What's Your Game Plan! On today's episode we're going talk about building your corporate image. In present day, businesses are struggling to manage and monitor their brand reputation. If your business is rapidly growing, it may be time to start thinking about how your products and services are being perceived in the marketplace. 

1)  Outline your mission, vision and company values

Make sure it is clear what your company does, who the target audience is and why people should buy from you. Discuss this with your management team and then hire a professional copywriter to help refine your message.

2) Create a corporate identity

You'll want to create a brand guidelines document that will ensure employees have access to the right logos, images and fonts. This document will also outline your tone of voice for social media and corporate communications, your brand's colors and usage rights and rules for maintaining a consistent corporate image.

3) Have a PR Plan

If you are a corporate company, make sure address how you plan to influence and keep the company in a positive light. This can be done with a well defined pr strategy. PR will not only stimulate awareness and demand for your company's products and services, but will influence investors willingness to either give you money or hold back on the cash.

4) Get a Content Plan Created

As a corporate company, you need to be prepared to become an industry leader. Create content that is engaging and provides a lot of value. This can be in the form of blog posts, educational videos, webinars and more. Also, set goals to make sure your content plan is appropriate for your audience and positions you for success.

5) Make Your Brand Human

Simply said, People like to connect with other people and people like to work for organizations that are "people" centric. This is an important part of your corporate image and building trust. Always demonstrate how you value your employee and partner relationships. Don't be afraid to tell your brand's story and communicate why you do what you do.

6. Communicate Changes

Once you've connected all the dots, make sure you communicate any important changes to the team. Being fully transparent and open with your employees will improve morale and strengthen your organization's performance. 

There's a few tools I would recommend you using to start building your corporate image. I'll drop the links below. If you liked this video, please hit share to help spread the word about corporate image...and Until Next Time, Take Care

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