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Top Benefits of Constant Contact for Your Online Boutique

If you are looking for a marketing strategy that will keep the lines of communication open between your business and your audience, build relationships, and help you stay top-of-mind, then you shouldn't look past email marketing. Email marketing is often cited as one of, if not the marketing channel that consistently drives the highest ROI. However, conducting an effective email marketing campaign takes more than just sending BCC text and HTML messages using a standard email system. Instead, it involves a combination of powerful tools and helpful, free training. Constant Contact offers you both and much more. Here are the top benefits to derive from using Constant Contact:

Develops Great Looking Emails

Constant Contact makes creating great-looking, powerful emails look like child's play with its professional HTML templates. The templates are pre-formatted to help you organize your content, eliminating the need for HTML skills. They include fonts, colors and placeholders for graphics and company logos that are easily customized to design a look that matches your company's website or brand. For the technically savvy user, Constant Contact provides complete customization of an email campaign in HTML or XHTML.

Requires No Technical Skill or Support Staff

Constant Contact is the solution you need if you want to have an effective campaign and save a lot of time and money. With this program, the bandwidth, power and flexibility are built-in. This means you don't have to worry about the technology or infrastructure required to send your email campaigns. Constant Contact also includes HTML templates and a simple, wizard-driven user interface. There are no set-up costs, and Constant Contact allows for free ongoing support so that you can focus your dollars on your business, not on the logistics of email marketing.

Delivers Measurable Results

Another appealing feature of Constant Contact is that it allows you to measure the response of each email campaign. It reports the number of emails sent, opened, who opened, who clicked through and which links they clicked on. The reports also show new subscribes, unsubscribes, bounces and formal spam complaints and helps you track and measure your success, target more effectively, determine warm leads and improve your results over time.

Offers Higher Email Deliverability

Constant Contact beats the industry's average of 81 percent to consistently deliver above 97% of emails on its client's behalf into the recipient's inbox. It also maintains strong permission policies and has an active anti-blocking team working with receiving ISPs to ensure that your email is delivered and delivered with proper protocols. Further, Constant Contact monitors all outgoing email to make sure that all major ISPs and corporate domains accept your email, so that you'll know which emails got delivered and why — or why not.

Follows Professional Mailing Practices

With traditional email systems, mistakes happen. Perhaps the most prevalent is exposing your entire list in the "To:" line, violating all of your list members' confidentiality and exposing their email addresses. Also, failure to include unsubscribe instructions, an unsubscribe link, or a physical mailing address is now against the law. Fortunately, Constant Contact also provides an automatic and immediate unsubscribe, and requires you to include a physical address in every email, thereby ensuring that your email marketing efforts work within the letter of the law.


Constant Contact has been around for quite a while, and during that time, it has been able to gain the trust of many companies, so it must be doing something right. It is known to champion the needs of small businesses and provide them with an easy and affordable way to build successful lasting customer relationships. You can rest assured that your email marketing campaign will yield the desired results with Constant Contact.

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