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Welcome back to another episode of What's Your Game Plan. This segment is called Q&A where I answer my 3 favorite questions of the week.

Q1. Xavier L. of California - How do I brand my healthcare company?

First things first, the importance of branding in the healthcare space is pretty crucial, seeing that you really want to build a long-term alliance with your potential customers. I’d recommend partnering with a marketing company who can help you identify your brand’s promise, purpose, the key messaging and your story. Once you do this, then you can use a company like 99designs to get a professional branding package.

Click the graphic below to signup for 99 Designs.

Q2. Michael R. of Florida - How do I form an LLC today?

That’s pretty easy to do. I use this company called MyCorporation. They are actually a leader in the business formation industry and they’ll get you set up really quick.. They take care of all the paperwork and they know exactly what all is required by the laws of each state. 

Click the graphic below to signup for MyCorporation.

Q3. Brandon T. of North Carolina - I want to create a website, where do I start?

If you’re not a technical person and you want to do it yourself, I would recommend Wix. They have hundreds of templates that you can use to get started really quickly. The best thing about it is there’s a drop and drag website editor and their hosting is super reliable.

Click the graphic below to signup for Wix.

That's it guys, don't forget to submit your questions each week for a chance to be featured on the show and if you need help with any of the products or services discussed in this video, just reach out!

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