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How to use Social Media for Recruiting

Welcome back to another episode of What’s Your Game Plan! Now, you and I both know, as a business owner, or employer it’s really hard to find good people nowadays. Most employers are having a really hard time recruiting. In this video, I’ll teach you how you can add social media to your hiring strategy, in order to find great people and get the job done. Stay tuned!

Adding Social Media to Your Hiring Strategy

So, how do you find the perfect candidate for a job? You’ll have to meet them where they are. In the world of recruiting there are so many strategies you can use to attract talent. I’m sure you’ve heard of job fairs, job board listings and hiring headhunters. If you want to recruit top talent, you’ll need to add social media to your to-do list. Social media makes hiring easier because you can have your recruiters share your open positions everyday and attract talent faster with hashtags and beautiful graphics.

How to build a strong employer brand

The first step in this process is to make sure your social media is ‘branded’. For this example, I’ll show you the accenture. They are a big business consulting firm, with 8 million followers just on LinkedIn. When you take a look at their LinkedIn page, you can see they use great brand messaging, their colors are uniform across the channel, and their graphics highlight people and activities they have going on.

If I were thinking about working for a company, this is the type of content I would want to see. It’s important to make sure the branding and messaging is the same across all of your social media pages. If you don’t know how to get this done, use a graphic designer from 99designs and they will help you create an employer brand.

Social Media Tools for Recruiting

Next, you want to prepare a list of your open positions and create templates in Canva Pro to announce that you are hiring. If you are the only one hiring you can get up to 5 seats for $12.99 per month. Which is a really good deal. If your recruiting team is larger than 5 people, you can tell them how many people you have and they’ll give you a price. They also have plans for enterprise companies as well.

Once you have an account with Canva Pro, set up your brand’s colors and fonts and find templates that match your company's style. Once you create a template, these can be shared with recruiters, they can edit them by themselves, download them and share on social media to start collecting resumes.

Best Practices for Recruiting on Social Media

The last step in this process is to write a really good job description of what you are looking for, link it to the job application or have your recruiters put their email address directly in the graphic and the post.

Before you post it, make sure you use hashtags that are relevant to your industry, location and the position you are hiring for. For this example, I’m hiring for a nurse, so I will use the hashtags: Nurse, hiring, chicago jobs nurse jobs healthcare jobs and healthcare staffing. There is no limit on the number of hashtags you can add to your job posting, but I recommend using no more than 5 hashtags per post.

How to Source Candidates from Social Media

So, now that you’ve made it to the end. You should take your graphic and start to reach out to people on LinkedIn. Tell them who you are and what you’re doing, send them the graphic and ask them to apply. Also include a small message that says, if they know someone else who might be interested in this position, please send referrals.

At this point, you should have several applicants sourced and can successfully schedule and conduct interviews.

At the bottom of this video will be the links to the tools mentioned in this video and also a pack of recruiting templates, if you don’t know what to say in order to get people to apply. If this video was helpful, please leave me a comment, give it a like and share and until next time guys! Take care.

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