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How to Start Your Own Juice Business

Welcome to the Business Ideas section. Watch this video, I’m going to give you a quick start guide on How to Start Your Own Juice Business. Over the last decade, the juice and smoothie bar industry has experienced phenomenal growth. If you’re looking to make some money and make a difference in someones life, you should consider start a juice and smoothie bar.

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The juice and smoothie bar industry is expected to increase substantially over the next five years at an estimated 10.9% in 2022 due to increase in demand as disposable income and social media influence. With access to higher disposable income, consumers are expected to increase their spending and be more willing to purchase higher-priced juices and smoothies.

Most juice bars have margins between 50% and 70%. That means in their first year by servicing 150+ or more customers, the studio can gross $150,000+$600,000. However, juice and smoothie bars are highly profitable when located in the right neighborhood, offering the right type of customer experience and is a great value for your money.

Most juice bars charge $6-10 for a juice or smoothie, ingredients to make that would cost them a total of $1 to $3. Some juice bars even have memberships where you can get a ton of juices at a discount each month.

So, the more customers you can get, the better and faster your business will grow.

Lots of service offerings, which means a lot of money for you!

  • Market Size: $2bn

  • Number of Businesses: 6,948

  • This Industry Employs: 63,204 people

So, here’s what you’ll need to get started:

Step 1 - Get a Business Plan

If you have no idea how an online business is supposed to operate or maybe you are a first time business owner, I'd recommend downloading a business plan from Bplans or getting a custom one created on Fiverr. Their plans outline exactly how this businesses works and what you should expect.

Step 2 - Find a Location

To find a juice bar location, go to google and type in "commercial property for lease" or type in "juice bar for lease near me" or "retail shop for rent near me". You'll need to call around to local real estate agencies who work with businesses. You'll be looking for a good location with parking. Once you’ve narrowed down a location, analyze the different neighborhoods. You should consider areas that have health-conscious residents, these are normally areas with yoga studios, gyms or other wellness businesses. Also, look for high traffic areas and places that have lots of side walk and foot traffic. Find a place that works within your budget and sign a leasing agreement.

Step 3 - Choose a Name & Register Your Business

Now, when you've got that sorted, it's time to officially register your business. You won't be able to start working until you complete this step. You'll need to register & apply for a federal EIN Number, and form an LLC or Corporation.

Depending on what state you are in, you will likely also need a reseller or retail merchant certificate as well. This allows you to buy products for the juice bar, tax free. I recommend using MyCorporation, as they do have a variety of packages to choose from, but their most basic package will get you started right away.

Most states will require you to obtain a license and be fully insured before opening. Keep in mind, it can easily cost over $1000 to obtain licensing and can take up to 12 months, You'll also need to obtain a quote for business liability insurance. This can be done through any service provider like Geico. Also, you'll need to double check with the department of health for code requirements for commercial kitchens, make sure plumbing, electrical, and ventilation required for kitchen and juicing areas and that you have proper food storage space and waste disposal and a sanitation strategy.

Once you get your retail merchant certificate from the state, you can buy all of your supplies at a wholesale price. Here are some of the equipment you will need for your juice bar:

  • Commercial-grade blenders

  • Commercial-grade Juicers

  • Refrigerators

  • Ice machines

  • Scales and measuring tools

  • Quality knives

  • Large cutting boards

  • Storage containers

  • To-go cups for juices

  • Napkins and utensils

  • Wipes

Legally Incorporate Your Business Today

Step 4 - Open a Business Bank Account

Now, since you're going to be getting all this money, you'll need somewhere to put it. It's pretty easy to open a business bank account, but they won't get you setup without having the legal incorporation paperwork and the EIN number that I just spoke about. You can work with a local bank that you already use or you can just choose a new one. Square also has small business banking and invoicing for new businesses.

Step 5 - Buy Website Hosting

The next step is to buy web hosting. I always recommend choosing Bluehost because they are the most reliable for small business websites. You also get a free domain name, a free ssl certificate and access to 24/7 tech support. So, you really can't beat it.

Buy Website Hosting with Bluehost

Step 6 - Work with a Website Designer

Once you pay for a website hosting plan with Bluehost, you'll get your login credentials.

You'll want to save that information and deliver it to the web designer in the next step. If

you don't know about Fiverr, it's a company that sells affordable web development and marketing services that get done really quick.

You just type in what you want in the search bar, and it will reveal tons of people who are willing to help you get a website up in less than 3 days. Once you choose the person you want to work with, give them the Bluehost login details and communicate your vision and plans for the website.

Find a Website Designer on Fiverr

Step 7 - Setup a Merchant Account to Get Paid

You'll need to activate a merchant account for your customers to pay you through. Many businesses use paypal, square or stripe. I personally like Square, they make it super easy for to accept payments via a retail POS system, online via your website or over the phone. I can also send copies of receipts, take membership payments, manage vendors and invoice directly through Square. The account with Square is free, so once you signup, give these login details to the web designer to complete the payment integration process.

Signup for a Free Square Payments Account and

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Step 8 - Get Logo & Online Marketing Materials Designed

Finally, you'll need to start spreading the word about your business. A good place to start is getting a logo, social media graphics and online marketing materials created. For website branding, I recommend 99designs because the process is quick and painless and you actually get what you want and for marketing materials, I like envato, because they literally have tons of graphics for each and every single kind of business, on demand.

Get a Juice & Smoothie Business Logo and Graphics

Get a Juice & Smoothie Business Marketing Templates

Step 9 - Create a Money Game Plan

Since you now own a Juice bar business, you can choose from a variety of services to sell. The most popular and profitable services are:

  • Cold-pressed juice

  • Bottled to-go juice

  • Juice Shots

  • Smoothies

  • Bowls

  • Hot and Cold Tea

You’ll want to diversify your service offerings because this will help expand your customer reach. To maximize your profits, you’ll can create monthly membership plans or new customer referral discounts.

Step 10- Be Prepared for Startup Cost

Now, I know you're probably wondering...What's the price tag on this baby? Startup costs for this kind of business, is around $75,000 if you are starting as solo entrepreneur, or can be an upwards of $150,000+. This number largely depends on how many employees you hire, payroll, how much money is spent on employee training equipment, insurance, office software, computers, travel expenses, website, equipment storage, business phones, company t-shirts, and marketing.

If you liked this video or you know someone who needs to see this today, tag a friend, hit like or give it a share. Until next time guys, take care!

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Starting your own Juice Bar Business?

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