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How to Earn Money From Home

The Internet is overflowing with people trying to crack the code on how to earn money from home. And with the right advertising and a little luck, you could make a nice amount of money online. But it's not easy, and it can be time consuming. That's why this blog is here for you.

Making money online is not always easy. There are a lot of scams and companies that only care about collecting money. How do you know if the company is legitimate or not? There are so many online scam sites that are not profitable. The truth is, you need to find a company that offers real information and gives money back to their members. The company must be honest and have a proven track record.

Some of the options people are taking to make money are by researching and applying to online jobs, blogging and selling ad space to networks and brands, selling new, used or drop shipping items on eBay or affiliate marketing.

In this video, I go over the main methods that I use to earn money from home:

Recurring Commission / High Ticket Affiliate Marketing

Example Recurring Companies:

Example High Ticket Affiliate Companies:

Fiverr Affiliate Program -

SemRush Affiliate Program -

The process is pretty simple. You apply to promote their offers. It usually helps if you have a blog or social media accounts in a certain niche. They give you a link, you make a sale, then expect to receive a deposit to your bank for a one-time commission. As long as that person continues to pay that company each month, you'll be credited a fixed percentage amount each and every single month.

Licensing Royalties

Example Companies:

iStock Royalty Program -

Royalties are money paid out to you for something you own. It could be intellectual property, designs, a trademark, a patent, etc. The royalty payment is generally a fixed amount, decided by and between you and the licensee company.

Partner Advertising Split Programs

Example Companies:

YouTube Partner Program -

These are programs where the companies allow brands to run ads on media that you own that is hosted on their platform. It could be a blog, website, service, app, or video channel. If your channel or website has a lot of traffic coming in, they will split the money they generate from the ads with you and send you money every month.


Affiliate Disclosure This video uses affiliate links and does earn a commission from links. This does not affect your purchases or the price you may pay. We are independently owned and opinions expressed on this professional website are that of our own.


About Adella Pasos

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