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How to Successfully Rebrand a Company Overnight

Hi Everyone, Welcome back to another episode of What's Your Game Plan? Today's Episode is all about Re-Branding. Many businesses often rebrand for a variety of reasons. It could be new management, new strategy, or their image is just plain outdated. Here's a few success tips that'll help you get started. 

1. Be ready for change

Revamping the business branding means you'll have to shift your thinking from where you are to where you want to be. Be sure to communicate this change to all of the employees, collect important feedback and become well prepared for each stage of the rebranding process. 

2. Determine Your Mission

What are your competitive advantages, which markets will you service, what are your strengths? These are important questions to discuss with your team. Ask these questions will help you design a brand that shares one unified vision. 

3. Collect Feedback

If you don't know what people like or don't like about your business, just ask!  Gather information and ideas from employees, customers and business partners and use it to build out your re-branding strategy. 

4. Create a Game Plan

After you collect the suggestions, discuss how you can address each item on the list, make improvements and deliver tangible results with the rebranding.

5. Partner with a Professional 

Once you've decided on what makes the most sense, choose a partner who can actually execute. I only work with 99designs for rebranding because they produce unique designs in less than 24 hours and can handle full re-brands or just a simple refresh. 

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