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How to Create a Cafe Restaurant Website ( step by step )

Hi. My name is Adella Pasos, and I'm your course instructor for today. I'm a business coach and consultant. Author of five best selling business books. I've helped over 700 people start their own business. 

And today I have over 10,000 online students. You probably recognize my faith from my show called What's Your Game Plan? Today, we have almost 18,000 subscribers on the channel and I've been featured on some of your favorite websites for teaching, business and entrepreneurship. 

Now let's get into the important stuff. There's several ways to create a website. The way that I'm going to show you today is the fastest and most cost effective way. So make sure you're following each and every single step. 

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Step one - Get a website domain name and WordPress hosting plan.

So, the first step in this process is to claim your website name and buy a hosting package.

You'll want to go to Bluehost's website and look for a WordPress hosting plan. On their homepage, they're going to show you all their different package pricing for hosting a website with them. You can compare all the different plans and match them up to see what’s included.

They have plans for blogs, personal websites, businesses and online stores. For me, I will just click the plan for $2.95 a month. On the next page is where you’ll decide on what your website name is going to be. Just type in what you want and see if it's available.

If the domain name IS available. Fill out all the required information to set up your account. and then scroll down to take a look at the package information. You're going to get the best deal by doing at least a twelve month package or more. There's also package extras like domain privacy, website security and getting an email address that matches your domain name.

I'm going to select all three extras and it will calculate a new total. After that, just put in your payment information and now you should have a website name and wordpress hosting.

Step Two - Shop for WordPress Website template

So, we're going to visit the website called and type in "Cafe Website" in WordPress. in the search bar. What you're going to see is a long list of cafe website templates that are made just for WordPress. They come in various prices, so find one that you like.

Once you click on a listing, you'll get to a page where you can view a live preview of exactly what the template looks like… this is called a DEMO. Here’s a demo for cafe website that I really like, and if I decide to buy this one, what I see is exactly what I'll get. Now keep in mind, you can customize the pictures, the text, and even the colors if you pay the website designer to do that for you. If you’re pretty good at Wordpress, like me, you can save a couple hundred bucks by just customizing it yourself. It’s really not that hard to do.

Step Three - Download Website Template and Upload to Gdrive.

So, once you purchase your template from Envato, they’ll send you to a download portal and what you're going to do is just hit download…All files and documentation. And that’s going to download a zip file to your computer that has your cafe wordpress template inside of it.

Go ahead and create a new folder on your Google drive and you can name it whatever you'd like. I'm naming mine “Wordpress template”.

Once that's all ready, go ahead and upload that Zip file to that new folder. Once that file has completely uploaded, right click on the file name to update the access. You're gonna want to change the general access from restricted to anyone with a link.

After you click anyone with a link, go ahead and copy that link by clicking the button on the left. And then hit done. That link should now be waiting for you to send over to the Website designer.

Step Four - Find a website designer and get pricing

So, now you have a domain name, website hosting and a template, head over to the website called Fiverr and type in WordPress demo in the search bar. And what it will reveal. Are tons of people who are willing to help you get this website set up from $10 to about $120.

All the services that they offer are going to range in price, so you're going to need to do your research and see who exactly can help you set the demo template and customize it, if need be.

Most WordPress website demos could be installed within a couple hours, so that means you can have a fully functional website ready in less than a day. If you like what this seller has to offer, you can go ahead and purchase one of their basic standard or premium plans. Or if you feel like you need something special, you can actually click the button over to the right hand side that says Contact seller and then you can click get a quote.

This is going to prompt a form where you can tell the designer where you bought your website hosting from, which demo template you want installed and if you need it customized.You can also tell them how quickly you'd like it delivered.

Step Five - Prepare Website Content

While you’re waiting on quotes to come back, you're going to need to put in some work. You'll need to create all the content for your website’s pages. You're going to need all the text, the pictures, the videos, pricing, the social media links… all of that information is needed to populate your new website. The best thing to do is to prepare the content by putting it into a word document.

Label which part of the website it belongs to, and then you're gonna give that information to the website designer so they can complete the customization process.

Step Six - Order the Website

So now you have all of your content done, and you've chosen a website designer to work with. They send you an invoice for the website design services. Once you pay for it, you're able to communicate with them about the details of the website. You can send your logo, images and content back and forth through this chat portal and message them anytime you need to.

Step Seven - Test the website and change your passwords.

When they complete and deliver your new website, they’ll send you an administrative login and password. When you login, the WordPress control panel looks like this. What you're going to do is log into your new website, and on the left hand side of the screen, you're gonna click users and what you'll see is that they've set up a user account so that they can log in and out of your website at any time to make changes. Unless you’re paying them to manage your site, you want to cancel their access.

So, here you can do two things. You can log them out and you can just change the password for the admin account or you can delete that account and add a new user, making your own login and password for the website. And that’s it!


Congratulations. You now have a new cafe website. Thank you so much for watching. And if this course was helpful to you, please make sure you like it, Share it and tag your friends. The links to the website’s mentioned are at the bottom of this video. And until next time, guys, take care.

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