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Hi everyone, welcome back to another episode of What’s Your GamePlan. Today, I’m going to talk to you about "Giving Back" as a business growth strategy. Sounds kind of crazy doesn't it? Giving to receive? Often times we think in order for our business to grow we have to pay for ads, discount our products, or hire more people to sell. But that's not always the case.

If your business is looking for ways to increase sales and grow, stay tuned! In this episode, I will teach you how to take your business to the NEXT level by giving.

Offering your services for free or for a reduced cost ISN'T the only way you can stimulate growth in your business. Now is the time to tap into the power of giving back and showing your customers you have compassion. Here's a few examples of ways you can start giving back.

Strategy #1 - Sponsor a Fundraiser

Often times business owners are NOT in a position to create grand scale events. So, sponsoring fundraisers is a great way to be sure that your company will be represented to the public and also help the community at the same time. Lots of non-profits and event coordinators are already hosting events. All you need to do is find out how you can become a sponsor and what you can do to help.

Strategy #2 - Give Back to Your Employees

People who work for you like to feel appreciated and that's a fact. It's a good feeling when your employer acknowledges the hard work and effort you put in each day. Giving back to you employees could like hosting an employee appreciation day, giving them extra paid time off, giving them unexpected gifts like gas cards or gift cards they can use at restaurants to take their family to dinner, or buy christmas gifts, stuff like that.

Strategy #3 - Host a Free Workshop

Free workshops go a long way in the community and I know a lot of companies are using this strategy. This strategy aims at helping people understand what your business does, encourages them to share this information with others and gain knowledge on something they didn't know. A lot of companies are inviting guest speakers to coach and train people during the workshop and then the company will give away free product or discounts on their services at the same time.

Strategy #4 - Host a Donation Matching Campaign

Have you ever been to a store and they ask you if you'd like to round up your purchase today to give back to a cause? Usually the place you are shopping at will match the donation at the end of the campaign. So you give a dollar out of your pocket and they give a dollar out of theirs. Matching campaigns are a super popular way to increase customer loyalty and do some good for the community.

Strategy #5 - Host a Fundraiser Event

If you have some time and resources you can create and host your own fundraiser events. Lots of companies do employee bake sales, host fancy galas, silent auctions, golfing events and more. Hosting these kind of fundraisers requires a high amount of effort to make the event a success. But when you're able to pull it off, these kind of events are a good look for your company and for building business in the future.

Strategy # 6 - Ask Employees to Volunteer Time

A really important growth strategy is to start creating a company culture that encourages volunteering. This is going to not only boost morale in the workplace, but also brand perception. If I see a company who is constantly helping people out and doing good for others, I would want to work with those people. Those are the kind of people I want to give my business to! Volunteering time could look like community clean ups, working with a non-profit, recycling to help the earth, or even helping to hand out supplies or food to people in need.

Strategy #7 - Donate Supplies

There's lots of people and organizations around the world who don't have enough money for supplies. Supplies can come in the form of medical supplies, school supplies, art supplies, clothing for interviews and more. If you call your town's local Habitat for Humanity or find local non-profits, tell them you're looking to donate supplies and they'll send you this list of things they collect on a regular basis. Sometimes it's a PDF and sometimes it's an amazon wishlist. Instead of giving money, you can support the community in this way too.

Strategy #8- Donate Your Services

A lot of companies now a days are really keen on donating non-cash items to the community. So you'll see a lot of them donating their services. They'll look at what they have to offer and then partner with a non-profit company to offer something like 40 free hours of graphic design services each month, 6 months of free legal services to help first time business owners or 20 hours of free tax preparation services. These are all great ways to give back to the community and help your business grow.

I hope this video offered great tips on how to use giving back as a business growth strategy. If I can help you in any way, please let me know. Also, leave me a comment on this post, it helps boost the video up in the search results. I'm giving away my marketing strategy book series for free, if you want it, just go to my website, enter in your email address and I'll send it to you right away. If you know someone who needs to see this today, tag a friend, hit like and please give it a share...and until next time guys, take care!

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