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5 Things Everyone Gets Wrong About Social Media

Hi everyone, welcome back to another episode of What's Your Game Plan! Today's episode is about Social Media. Have you taken the time to setup a twitter, a facebook or a linkedin account for your business? If you haven't experienced much success, there may be room for improvement. Here are the 5 things almost everyone gets wrong about social media marketing.

1) They forgot to tell people

No one is going to know that you've setup these pages, unless you tell them. Make it a point to announce it to your employees, your customers and even promote it online. Many businesses even host giveaway contest to help promote their pages and build even more brand awareness.

2) They forget to list it on their website

If you've got a website that's pulling in a ton of traffic, you will be making a huge mistake if you forget to highlight your social media channels. This will also allow visitors to share your message with their friends and family members.

3)  They didn't learn the rules of engagement

Every social media network is unique, so your strategy for each channel should be too. As a business, you'll need to learn how interacting on each network differs and master creating the type of content people are interested in.

4)  They forget that consistency is key

If you don't post regularly, people will forget about you. As a business, you should be posting at least two to three times per week. Let your followers really  feel your presence. 

5) They don't know how to use it

Social media is great to promote your offers, tell people about your employees and company achievements, and even sell online. Many businesses are failing because they simple do not understand general social media marketing strategy. If this is your case, It's best to hire a pro or take a quick online course to get you up to speed with the basics.  Do any of these things sound familiar? Comment Below and Let Me Know What's Worked for You in Social Media.  If you liked this video, please tag someone who needs to watch this today.

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