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When to Set Goals in Your Sales Training Programs

Hey everyone welcome back to What's Your Game Plan. Today we're going to talk about Setting up a Sales Training Program for your organization. It doesn't matter what industry your organization is in, you need people on the front line selling and introducing your business to potential customers. 

How can you employ people to help improve profitability if they don't understand the art of selling? If you are in charge of sales and haven't found much success. Stay Tuned! I'm going to reveal when to start setting goals in your sales training programs. 

Are You Happy With Your Current Training?

So, first things first before setting goals, you want to analyze your current performance. The performance of your team is directly correlated to how motivated they are to sell and if they have your full support. So if your sales are shifting downward, it's time to step it up on the training program.  Sales training should always leave your people feeling recharged and refreshed. If your training program doesn't motivate your people to work, why even bother?


Does Your Training Connect With Your Values?

If your sales training doesn't connect with your companies values, it's time to reformat the content delivery and the message you convey at training. What does your company stand for? Create a detailed plan of action on how you will instill the companies values into your sales team. Once you do this, you'll start to experience big wins.

How Specific Should Your Goals Be for Training? 

Your goals for training should be very very specific. You want to take a look at what kind of training would be beneficial to your team and who all will be involved. Here's a list of goals you should strive for: 

1. People should walk about feeling positive and empowered 

2. You should see shift in sales and close the gap in performance

3. You should see an increase in organizational productivity

4. The sales team's product and company knowledge should be sharper

5. The sales team's skills should be well developed

When you begin the planning process, make sure you setup these goals. Track your attempts, meetings and sales numbers consistently and don't forget to measure your results.

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