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Who will win when it comes down to website performance? #Visa vs #Mastercard

Hi everyone, welcome back to another episode of What's Your Game Plan. This segment is called the head to head where I introduce global companies who are competing for the same business. As all business leaders know, it's essential for you to maintain your position in the marketplace and stay ahead of your competitors.

Today, we'll explore 7 rounds of the metrics that matter the most, using a special tool called "SEMRush".  The tool is packed with tons of awesome features, but today we're going to use the "Traffic Analytics" feature for the head to head comparison. First things First, let's hear the SEMRush story and why I choose to use this tool for competition. SEMRush started out in 2008 as small group of SEO and IT experts who were united by one mission - to make online competition fair. How can we even compete if we have no insight on what's going on? Out of this idea, SemRush was born. Today, over 4,000,000 people have registered for SEMRush and they've served some of the largest global organizations like booking, ebay, amazon, forbes, quora, and more. They've also won tons of awards for demonstrating nothing but excellence in this industry. SEMRush has a suite of tools that help you shed light on your competitors marketing strategy, get content marketing ideas and make data driven decisions. So you can eliminate business strategies that are no longer yielding you results. This tool is mostly used by these specific people at the organization and is definitely priced to sell. Heads of Marketing & Search Marketing Strategist, Brand Strategist, Business Development Teams Small Business Owners, Digital Marketers and PR & Partnership Teams Alright, let's get started.  Today's head to head is Visa vs Mastercard. Both key players in the banking and credit card industry, but who will win when it comes to website performance? Let's take a look at their websites side by side....and now Let's go to round 1...

Round 1 - Website Traffic - VISA WINS Measuring website traffic is big indicator on whats working and what isn't. The more traffic you are generating means your message is resonating with your audience and your marketing efforts are actually driving demand. Visa wins this round with almost double the traffic of Mastercard with visa bringing in 4.1M hits in a month and Mastercard at 2M.

Round 2 - Average Visit Duration -  VISA WINS Average Visit Duration means how much time people are spending on your website. On average you want people to spend 3 minutes or more on your site. Mastercard came in above average at over 6 minutes, but Visa wins yet another round, with most people are spending up 9 minutes on their site.

Round 3 - Traffic Sources - MASTERCARD WINS A companies traffic sources are usually a direct reflection on where they are spending their marketing efforts. SEMRush allows you to see if your competitors invest more in social media, paid advertising or seo. Mastercard wins 226 traffic sources, visa coming in really close with just 193. Round 4 - Traffic Countries - MASTERCARD This feature allows you to really see if you are fighting for the same audience, what does your global representation look like and reveal your competitors high-priority markets. Mastercard is found in 122 markets and Visa in only 118 markets. Again, very close

Round 5 - # of Backlinks - MASTERCARD WINS Backlinks are what helps search engines determine that your site is relevant, popular and credible. These links are going to drive referral traffic and increase brand awareness at the same time. Visa got 42.8M vs Mastercard at 71.4M. Round 6 - Authority / Trust Score - TIE The trust score tells us how trustworthy your business appears online. A higher score reflects a stronger trust signal with 100 is the best possible score. Visa and Mastercard both came in with an 82 out of 100. So this round is a tie. Round 7 - Number of Keywords Ranked For - VISA WINS The more more keywords you rank for, the more visibility your brand has online.Visa is ranking for 237k  keywords and Mastercard at 99k


Round 1 - Website Traffic - VISA WINS Round 2 - Average Visit Duration -  VISA WINS Round 3 - Traffic Sources - MASTERCARD WINS Round 4 - Traffic Countries - MASTERCARD WINS Round 5 - # of Backlinks - MASTERCARD WINS Round 6 - Authority / Trust Score - TIE Round 7 - Number of Keywords Ranked For - VISA WINS So, it looks like the score is 3 to 3 with the Authority Metic being the tie. Although nobody won the competition this time, there's still lots of room for improvement.


Visa you need to work on diversifying your traffic sources and building out your global footprint.

Mastercard, you need to work on increasing more brand awareness of your services, and create more effective content for each service line of the business. So, were you surprised that it was tie? I certainly was... Leave a comment below on which brand you like the most.

If you want to get started with SEMRUSH, click the link to get pricing.

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