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Top 10 Pieces of Marketing Collateral Every Business Needs to Have

Hey everyone, Welcome back to another episode of What's Your Game Plan? Today we're going to talk about Marketing Collateral. Companies now more than ever are relying on their sales to team to focus on what they do best...which is SELLING! In order to do that, they're going to need a little bit of support. Do you know what types of marketing collateral you should always have on deck? If not, stay tuned, I'm going to reveal the top 10 pieces of marketing collateral every business needs.

1) Case Studies

Do you want to convert leads into customers and move the sales process along? A case study demonstrates that you know what you're talking about and you've been able to provide valuable solutions to clients in the past.

2) Brochures

These are great to have on hand at trade shows and even around the office. Brochures are an effective and simple marketing tool that help introduce your company's products and services.

3) Banner Ads

If you plan to advertise on the web, banner ads are a MUST. These little babies,  generate a big chunk of revenue for growing businesses.

4) Proposals

If you plan on writing up special offers for your customers, you'll need a  branded proposal. You can easily boost your credibility with a high quality business proposal template.

5 ) Presentations / Slide Decks

Got a big presentation coming up? You'll need a custom branded slide deck to not only look professional, but reduce friction when it comes time for your prospects to make a buying decision.

6 ) Product Catalogs & Spec Sheets

Customers will often have a lot of specific questions about your products of services...and much of it can be quickly answered by sending them a catalog or spect sheet. This is another great tool that helps you close sales faster.

7) Email Templates

For the sake of time and money, you should always have a pack of email templates ready to go for your brand communications. Whether that is just header & footer graphics or an automated sales scripts. Email templates allow your team to efficient when trying to sell or communicate important updates.

8 ) Landing Pages

Landing pages make it easy for people to buy your products, because the page has only one specific goal. It's removes all the distractions and suggests that the customer either buy now, or opt-in for more information. You should always have at least 3-5 landing pages to promote your most valuable offers.

9 ) Videos

Videos are a triple threat! It' a great way to drive traffic, brand awareness and improve SEO. Always have a least one video that introduces your company and educates the consumers on what exactly you do.

10 ) Brand Guidelines

For those of you who are unfamiliar with the brand guidelines document. This piece of collateral governs your brand's designs, and the look and feel of all of your marketing materials. This will dictate how your logo should and shouldn't be displayed, what tone of voice you should and shouldn't use in social media, how your email signatures should look, it'll outline your vision and mission statements as well as standardize your key messaging. This is super important to have to ensure brand consistency and to make sure everyone in the organization is on the same page.

Now, use this video as a checklist, if you're missing any of these items, head on over to and fill out a request form. If you liked this video, please hit share to help spread the word about Marketing Collateral. If you'd like to buy some items off this list, I'll drop the link below to where you can find them. Until next time, take care!!

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