Welcome back to another episode of What’s Your Game Plan. Today, I’m going to give you a high level review of an easy to use software that will reveal your competitors online marketing strategy ....IN NO TIME. This all-in-one suite will help you optimize your website, find gaps in your content plan and help you build your social media plan just like a pro. Let's just right in.

So, Here’s what you should expect from SEMRush:

Data is one of the most important resources of today. All businesses need data intelligence to identify the competition, research what they do and act on the findings. Having access to this knowledge will help you be REALISTIC about how successful you truly can be.

SEMRush is one of the "BEST" tools that really helps companies grow. This online software provides a full suite of digital marketing services for SEO, PPC, Keyword Research, Competitive Analysis, Social Media & Content Marketing, PR, and Business Management.

This tool is trusted by businesses all over the world and it’s for people who are genuinely interested in discovering "WHO" their competitors are. It will not only help you gather ideas for your next marketing game plan, buy also help you get receive the recognition you deserve.

So why exactly would you need it?

Well before you go see what your competitors doing, you should take a look at where you stand first. With SEMRush it’s easy to see where your traffic is coming from and whose talking about you online - In REAL TIME.

Their easy to read dashboards help you monitor your progress and keep a close watch on all of your marketing activities. Being that it delivers a wide array of functionality, it’s definitely priced to sell.

SEM Rush definitely has my stamp of approval.

It starts at only $99 per month. Which is really affordable for a startup or small business. If you are a large enterprise with a marketing department you can get started for only $399 per month and you can switch plans or cancel at anytime.

If your business seo, content planning, brand monitoring or competitive intelligence software or you're just looking to make the switch. Click the picture below to signup for SEM Rush.

If you need help with a marketing game plan, fill out the form below.

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