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Industry Wednesdays - Technology News

Hi Everyone, welcome back to another episode of What's Your Game Plan. It's Industry Wednesdays... and I'm back with the top news you can use... today's episode is all about the Tech Industry....But first, let's so who joined our team for the week. Welcome to the team.

Matt Preschern - Chief Marketing Officer @ForcepointSec

Chris Ross - Industry Analyst at Gartner

Rita Karatzia - CMO & COO of @SocialWiz

Ben Walker - CEO of Transcription Outsourcing, LLC

Mark Hall - Business Leader at Google & Forbes Contributor

Kent Huffman - CMO & Board Member at Hootsuite

Martyn Etherington - CMO at Teradata

Ken Herron - CMO at ConversationalAI

Courtney Smith - Global Head of Marketing for Co-active Leaders

Having access to innovative technologies will create amazing opportunities for the future. Here are a few companies shaking up the tech industry and are definitely worth knowing.

Today, many business owners today are struggling to deepen their customer relationships and strategies are quickly becoming outdated.

There's a new company called Chatbook that has just secured $1M is funding to help business owners automate their lead generation process and customer service delivery. Even though they are a startup, they've managed to secure partnerships with big names in tech like Facebook, Salesforce and Marketo. Their solution is set to revolutionize the way we work and help business owners actually make more money.

Six out of 10 Americans are at risk of falling for phishing scams and many Americans are failing to even identify what a fraudulent website looks like. These type of cyber crimes are not only happening online, but via email, phone call and text. Avast, is a global leader in digital security products, who wants to protect people from these threats. They just started offering premium security plans, so you can now safely shop and bank online. They're software will protect your computer, your phone, your email, and your entire wi-fi network for up to 10 devices in the house. Check out their website for more information.

Quicken Loans just became the first mortgage lender to complete the mortgage process entirely remote. They partnered with a company called Nexsys Technologies to eliminate the need for a traditional pen and paper closing. The CEO of Quicken Loans is super excited for what's to come with this new technology. This will open the doors for on-boarding new clients, generating more sales and improving the customer experience.

Today, businesses are typically leaving anywhere from 15-25% of revenue on the table due to negative customer experiences. Quantum Metric is a new startup that helps companies calculate how much revenue is actually being lost from bad website design. Their intuitive software is helping businesses find and fix problems faster, and now, there's no more guessing. You can see exactly what's contributing to poor performance. They were able to secure $25M in funding to help grow the business and are on pace to have yet another successful year. Be on the look out for more to come from Quantum Metric.

A new startup called Daily Pay is working really hard to enhance your benefits package. Their technology solution aims to reduce employee turnover, labor and recruitment costs. Sounds too good to be true doesn't it? You can now offer your employees the opportunity to cash out and get paid each day they work. This market is really exploding and employees are really happy to be getting access to their money, as soon as they need it. Check them out at

If you're in the tech industry, leave me a comment below, I want to hear all of your thoughts. If you know any companies with good news to share, make sure you tag them. That's all I've got for you today, so make sure you join our business community, there's over 10,000 leaders who are already subscribed for news, updates and special promotions. Until next week.... take care!

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