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Industry Wednesdays | Global Energy News

Hi Everyone, welcome back to another episode of What's Your Game Plan. It's Industry Wednesdays... and I'm back with the top news you can use... today's episode is all about Energy Industry ! I'm highlighting the successes of these fabulous companies: @SantosLtd @xcelenergy @ItronInc @exxonmobil @FuelCell_Energy @JinkoSolarCoLtd @TrinaSolarUS @VivintSolar @sunrun @jasolarofficial

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With so many consumers and companies seeking to find a stable and reliable source of energy, the market demand has risen over 20% and continues to be the fundamental for modern lifestyle. Almost half of the world's energy is dedicated to industrial activity.  Here are a few companies making big waves in the energy industry and are definitely worth knowing.

The solar industry in the us just hit an all-time high, with the state of California accounting for about 40% of all installations. Solar companies are now reporting substantial growth due to the shift in global demand and the prices just becoming a bit more stabilized. Jinko Solar, JA Solar and Trina Solar are just a few of the the top manufactures in the market place. If you're looking for the top installation companies, take a look at Vivint or Sunrun. They're passionate about helping customers make the switch, and since it is such a big decision, they're willing to help you estimate your cost vs savings. ExxonMobil and Fuel Cell Energy just signed a new deal to help enhance the technology that captures carbon dioxide from industrial facilities. It's one of the biggest challenges that exists in the energy world today and both companies are really excited for the opportunity to be able to make an impact. Xcel Energy and Itron just formed a collaboration to improve response times to outages. No one likes to be without power and they just setup these "smart" meters to give customers better insight into their usage, while helping the entire industry shift to cleaner sources of power. These are two companies who are providing real-time solutions to todays challenges and you should be on the lookout for more to come. So, Canada's oil and gas sector has really been struggling. Canada is actually producing 4.9 million barrels of oil per day, but the pipeline capacity hasn't expanded as quickly as they thought in order to move crude oil to U.S. refineries. So, the federal government is stepping into provide some support. They just approved a 1.19 billion dollar aid package to invest in new technologies, boost working capital and help energy exporters find new markets. I like that they're getting involved and want to do more to help. Santos, a major Australian oil and gas producer wants to help reduce stress and prevent burnout in the workplace. They just increased their paid parental leave and are now covering up to $10,000 of annual out-of-pocket child care expenses for energy workers who need to return to work. What a great sign of support from an organization who who really cares about retaining their workers and delivering value to the energy sector. Keep a watch out for more to come from Santos in the future. If you're in the energy industry, leave me a comment below, I want to hear all of your thoughts. If you know any companies with good news to share, make sure you tag them. That's all I've got for you today, so make sure you join our business community, there's over 10,000 leaders who are already subscribed for news, updates and special promotions. Until next week.... take care!

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