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Healthcare staffing agencies are always looking for more candidates to fill their vacancies. Candidates, whether they are nurses or techs, don’t come out of nowhere. It takes some effort to find them. If you work in healthcare, then you know that healthcare agencies often need a lot of help finding candidates. When there’s a shortage of candidates, it’s tough for agencies to fill all the positions they have to fill, and all the positions they need to fill.

1. Ask new patients if they need help

2. Find out if hospitals in your area have vacancies

3. Ask as doctors for referrals

4. Follow up with leads

The most successful organizations tell their story in a compelling, engaging way. The organization’s effective story helps people to understand what it does, its culture, and its mission, and motivates them to apply.

Recruiting efforts are managed through the recruiting process. Recruiting is the process in which companies select potential candidates to fill open positions. The recruiting process begins with the employer identifying a specific position within the company. Then, the employer places an advertisement describing the position and providing details about the required skills and experience.

For people to feel excited about an organization, they need to feel connected to it and have a purpose within. One way to recruit people is via meaningful work. People want to feel that they are part of an organization that has a real purpose or that makes a difference in people’s lives. One way to provide meaningful work is to offer opportunities for people to volunteer.

In conclusion, companies usually find the processes they use to hire the best candidates don’t work as well for hiring people who aren’t candidates.

Consider Google’s three-part hiring process:

1. Write a clear job ad.

2. Find people who match your ad, and invite them to apply.

3. Evaluate the applications and choose candidates to interview.

Google finds that only about 25% of the people who apply pass step 2.

It’s been shown that candidates who apply through an organization’s career site are 50% more likely to apply than candidates who apply directly to a company.

Companies that post jobs on social media networks like LinkedIn and Monster see applications double. Companies that post job ads on LinkedIn, Monster, and Indeed see applications triple. Companies that post job ads on Facebook see more applications than on any other social network.

Companies that use videos generate more candidate leads than those that don’t.

The main ways to generate resumes and get the attention of job seekers are:

Strategy #1 — Post your jobs on job boards

Strategy #2 — Use paid lead generation ads on Google and Search Engine Networks

Strategy #3 — Post general job listings on your website as placeholders

Strategy #4 — Join healthcare groups via social media and post your open positions

Strategy #5 — Ask for referrals from your current database

Strategy #6 — Attend career fairs and hiring events / throw your own events

Do you want to start your own healthcare staffing company?

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Adella Pasos is an entrepreneur and marketing expert who makes a difference. She has grown brands from scratch, worked with startups and small businesses, and Fortune 500 corporations too. She has revealed to her clients the ability to access their niche market via online, social media, mobile, merchandising, and events.

Another of her popular shows is the “What’s Your Game Plan TV” show, which features free expert advice, growth strategies, free tips and trends, and tools to make a business succeed. She can be found on IMDB, Instagram, YouTube and her official website.


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