Welcome back to another episode of What's Your Game Plan. This segment is called profit zone, where I reveal where exactly the money is coming from. These videos are aimed to help you understand how big businesses work and teach you how to generate additional revenue, just like they do.

Today we’ll talk about Google. So, Google is always continuously investing in new businesses, products, services, technologies, infrastructure and of course, their people.

So, what’s their business model look like and where’s their money coming from? Let's go down the list. 

1. Ad Sales

Google gets paid when people or brands advertise with them. They sell ad space across their global network on Google search, youtube, google maps and other assets they own.

2. App Sales

Google gets paid when people buy Apps and make In-App purchases. They use a revenue sharing model for this. They will list and promote your app in their Google Play store, and then take a cut.

3. Digital Content Sales

Google gets paid when people or brands want to sell their Music, Books, Movies, TV Shows, and Magazines in the Google Play Store. Again, the'll list and promote your items, then take a cut.

4. Cloud Service Sales

Google gets paid when you buy cloud services. They use a subscription model to sell services like Google Cloud Storage, G-Suite and more.

5. Stock / Investment Sales

Google sells stock and also invests in other companies. This yields them investment revenue.

6. Google Hardware Sales

Google gets paid when you buy their phones and other licensed products like Google Nest, Google Home, Chromecast, Pixelbook and more. They sell online direct to consumer and via retailers.

7. Internet and TV Service Sales

Google gets paid when you sign up for their high speed internet, tv and phone service.

8. Licensing and R&D Services

Google gets paid when they let other businesses use the rights to their name, patents or copy-written materials. They also get paid from selling research and development services, too.

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So our key take aways from this is that Google is doing a whole LOT of selling.  And from the looks of it, they're getting paid "ALL" the way around ...and it’s time for you to get paid too. Do you think this is something you could setup in your business?

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