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Buy 40 technology whitepaper ideas, completely done for you and delivered in 2 days!

Project details

This is the perfect service for you if you are one of the following:

✓ Feeling stuck when generating whitepaper topic ideas

✓ Just started a new promotional strategy or launched a new part of your business

✓ Want someone experienced to come up with ideas for you

✓ Want to outsource this part of your marketing department

✓ Need fresh, highly relevant ideas you can also use for youtube, blogs, or videos

✓ Already have writers and creatives, just need the ideas

✓ Want to work with someone who's only got 5 star reviews

✓ 40 whitepaper ideas total ( packages are based on # of keywords you want to target )

What I need from you

After you pay, please send this information:

1 - Send me your website 2 - List any of your competitors websites 3 - What are keywords you want to be found by when someone searches? 4 - What industry is your business in? 5 - Who is your target audience? The sentence should start with 'people who ___________" 6 - What you are you selling or promoting? 7 - How many titles per target keyword? Please list them out.

Frequently asked questions

1 - Can I use these whitepaper titles for different content?

Yes, these are versatile and proven for engagement. Many of my past clients have used these titles for their whitepapers, solution briefs, blogs, pinterest, instagram, linkedin, quora, youtube and tiktok content. Perfect for videos and content.

2 - What industries do you work with?

I've worked with startups to corporations in almost every industry, but for technology, cyber security, IT service management, cloud, a.i., robotics process automation, machine learning, enterprise software, technology staffing, technology products.

3 - Can I split up the titles by keyword?

Yes, you can do any variation. If you want to target one keyword for all 30, you can do that or for example if you want to do 5 titles for keyword 1, 10 titles for keyword 2 and the last 21 titles for keyword 3, you can also do that, too!

Check out these reviews and samples:

Ready to Roll? Pay for this service below

Delivery Time: 2 days

Number of Keywords/Hashtags Researched: 3

Number of Competitors Researched: 2

Number of Influencers Identified: 1


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