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6 Ways to Migrate Your Existing Website to Wordpress Using Bluehost

Bluehost is an excellent hosting service provider for WordPress websites. Switching from another service provider to Bluehost requires the migration of the existing website. This article highlights how to migrate your existing website to Bluehost.

The migration of an existing WordPress website is a six-step process as highlighted below.

  • File transfer

  • WordPress database export

  • New database creation

  • File import into new database

  • WordPress configuration file update

  • Permalinks fixing

1. File transfer: To transfer existing files, connect to the account of your current hosting service provider using FTP. After you access the account, download your files from the directory that has your WordPress files. You will find the files in the public-html or within a subfolder of public-html. After downloading the files, transfer them to the new hosting account, still on FTP. On your new hosting account, choose your preferred folder or subfolder for the installation.

2. WordPress database export: To export your WordPress database, go you’re your current hosting account and find the wp-config.php file. You will find the database within the file. Your current hosting service provider may provide you with PHPMyAdmin, which you would use to export the backup. If it is not on your control panel, you would need a plugin to export the database. The database will be a .sql file.

3. New database creation: You need a new database for the WordPress site to be installed. Create the new database from the database category of your cPanel. In the database category, find MySQL databases, where you will create a new database and name it. Proceed to create a user for the database. Also create a password for the user and assign it to the database. Also, give the user All Privileges.

4. Import .sql file into new database: Having created the new database, you can then import the .sql file you initially downloaded into the database. From your control panel, proceed to PHPMyAdmin under your database category. Choose the database you just created and choose the import tab. To import the .sql file, choose it from your computer and prompt it to import by selecting the file and clicking Go.

5. WordPress configuration file update: This is the step where you ensure that your WordPress install is linked to the right database. Do this by editing the wp-config.php file from the file manager. You would need to update database information such as the password, database user and database password. After making the necessary changes, save the changes.

5. Permalinks fixing: Fixing the permalinks occurs in your WordPress dashboard. Log on to your dashboard with your existing details. Under settings, find permalinks. Then click on the save changes button. Even without making any changes, you still need to click on save changes. Fixing your permalinks updates all URLs and pages. However, you would have to manually update all existing plugins, widgets, and custom themes. There are no plugins to skip the manual update of the themes, widgets, and plugins.

Having completed these processes, you can then view your site to confirm that everything is in good shape and you’re good to go. There you have it: a clear process of migrating your WordPress site to Bluehost.

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