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10 Ways to Ditch the Discounts

Promotional Strategies That Actually Work

As we know, everyone loves a good sale. Especially when you can find your favorite items for a great price.  Businesses now more than ever are in competition with each other to lure consumers. Many businesses are also familiar with the discount pricing strategy, but don’t know that isn’t your only option. Here’s a list of promo offers you may want to consider.

Number 1: Bonus Offers

If customers are willing to give your products or services a try, why not give em a bonus? Here’s a list of what the major brands are giving:

  • Free Installation

  • Free Setup

  • Free Entry

  • Free Shipping

  • Free Training

  • Free Upgrade

  • Free Gift

Number 2: Samples

Using this strategy always pays off because it takes away the hesitation of having to spend money just to try something new.  Most brands are sampling their products at trade shows, events, festivals, grocery stores or any place their target customer can be found. For online businesses, people are providing free samples in exchange for a product review or even capturing leads for trial offers.

Number 3:  Discounts

Using this strategy can not only help you clear out your stock, but encouraging the undecided customers to buy today. Heres a list of the ones the big brands use: 

  • Get 20 % off if you buy Y or number of items

  • Buy one get one free 

  • Bundle Discounts: Buy 2 get 50% off the 3rd 

  • Spend $150 and save 10%

  • 50% off your first month 

  • Pre-pay and save 15% / Pay for 12 months get 1 month Free

  • Seasonal Discounts: Christmas, Black Friday, Mothers Day

  • This item is only $5 with the purchase of X product

  • Entire category is 25% off 

  • Take an extra 15% off X Category

  • X item is on sale for X dollar

  • Free Sample with $75 purchase

Number 4: Partner Promotions

I really like these because they help you reach people that are outside of your current audience and you’re going to need that if you want to grow. Here’s a few effective ones you can use:

  • Buy our product or service, get 1 year free of our partner's service

  • Buy 6 months of our service, get 6 months free of our partner's service

  • Buy our product, get one of their products free

Number 5: Vouchers and Coupons

These are good at helping to bring people to your shop, even if its just to have a quick look. Here’s a few to get you started:

  • Use this coupon code to save 20% 

  • $5 off coupon with a signup 

  • $100 Voucher with the purchase of $500 or more

Number 6: Contests / Enter to Win

Contests are really good at generating a lot of signups and press. Have you tried these out?

  • Signup today and get entered for an all inclusive vacation

  • Buy today and get a chance to win a set of golf clubs 

Number 7: Causes & Charity

This is another great strategy to generate sales, get PR and do some good. Most big brands integrate these into their growth strategy: 

  • If you buy today and we’ll donate 25% to a great cause

  • Make a $20 donation and we’ll give you 1 year of our services for free 

Number 8: Group Discounts

Associations need strong member benefits, so offering group discounts will always benefit your brand. Here’s a few examples:

  • 20% of for students

  • 50% off for senior citizens 

  • 15% off to The Architects Association of America

  • 20% off to the Manufacturers Union of USA

Number 9: Rebates, Cash Back & Member Rewards

I like these because people are always interested in getting something back. It makes them feel more positive about the purchase. Here’s the ones the big brands use: 

  • Get 1000 points when you spend $100 or more

  • 5% Cash Back on all order $50 or more

Don’t forget when you are creating your promo game plan, set a time limit to all of your offers. You can do a daily, weekly or monthly deal or even something as simple as, "the offer expires in 48 hours".  

If you need help outlining your offers, hit contact us on this website and submit a request.

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