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A new career starts here! If you’re already licensed as a registered nurse, opening a nurse staffing agency may be a great choice for you. Unlike opening a traditional medical office, you don’t have to pay for expensive infrastructure to start your new nurse staffing agency. Instead, you can open your nurse staffing agency from home, saving thousands of dollars on rent and real estate.

There’s so many reasons to start your own agency, but here are the top four:

1. Global demand for nurses has increased

2. Lots of low paying positions

3. Lack of quality staff

4. Great opportunity to be your own boss

One of the benefits to staffing nurses is they can provide supervision to medical assistants. Some hospitals also find it easier to monitor nurses by allowing them to work alone. This decreases paperwork because it simplifies communication between nurses, the supervising nurse, and other medical staff.

A shortage of nurses is a problem facing every healthcare facility. This shortage is due to the high turnover rate of nurses, low pay, and the lack of advancement opportunities. Some nurses leave the field of nursing because it is difficult, stressful, or takes too long to advance. Other nurses leave because of pay or other reasons. Some nurses leave nursing temporarily to find work in other fields before returning.

People who become healthcare entrepreneurs are more often than not not just looking to make a quick buck. They have a strong desire to make a meaningful impact on an industry that has been historically neglected.

In conclusion, the healthcare industry faces a crisis of insufficient nurses. Fortunately, there are enough professionals interested and qualified to become healthcare entrepreneurs.

Do you want to start your own healthcare staffing company?

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Adella Pasos is an entrepreneur and marketing expert who makes a difference. She has grown brands from scratch, worked with startups and small businesses, and Fortune 500 corporations too. She has revealed to her clients the ability to access their niche market via online, social media, mobile, merchandising, and events.

Another of her popular shows is the “What’s Your Game Plan TV” show, which features free expert advice, growth strategies, free tips and trends, and tools to make a business succeed. She can be found on IMDB, Instagram, YouTube and her official website.


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