Why Instapage is the Best Solution for Capturing Leads Online

Five years ago, you would have to heavily pay a designer for a landing page. But with the introduction of platforms like Instapage, you can set up your landing page yourself and with ease. Creating an effective landing page is the first step in garnering more leads, selling more products on your site and generating more income from your online business. Instapage is a high-powered landing page builder that comes with almost everything that you require to create and publish landing pages focused on improving your conversions. It has gained widespread popularity in recent times due to its incredible features. These features include:

Beautiful Landing Page Templates

Instapage offers easy to use templates for creating landing pages from cover product sales, signup forms, event registrations, filters to app downloads. These templates are of high quality and cover a wide range of goals that will help you. No matter the kind of campaign you're creating, Instapage's over 200 fully customizable and optimized templates are designed to increase your conversions.

The Drag-And-Drop Landing Page Editor

Whether you start with one of the templates or a blank canvas, the Instapage editor gives you the freedom to produce a custom landing page. Unlike most advanced page builders, the Instapage page builder lets you position your elements anywhere on the page. So, instead of being configured to a grid layout, or a column and row-based structure, you're free to move the items on your page anywhere on the canvas — even on top of each other.

A lack of restrictions and total creative freedom can be overwhelming. This is why Instapage displays helpful markers and grids as you move items around the page, giving you an easy way to line up your page elements if you want to.

Instablocks for Easy Editing

Instablocks is a great time-saving feature that allows you to create multiple landing pages, either for yourself or your clients. It also enables you to build a library of reusable assets or blocks, that you can insert into any of your landing pages.

For example, you could develop a custom testimonials block that contains positive feedback from your customers, and then save it as an Instablock. Then, whenever you're creating a landing page that requires testimonials, you can quickly insert that Instablock into the page.

Landing Page Widgets

Headlines, paragraphs, forms, buttons, images, videos and boxes are some of the Instapage widgets you can quickly insert into your landing page. To add a widget to page, simply click on one of the widget icons on the sidebar menu of the Instapage editor, and it's instantly dropped onto the canvas. Then you can move it around the page and start editing its appearance and content. You can also determine the action associated with a widget, such as setting what happens when someone clicks on a button.

Tracking and Testing

Perhaps one of the most exciting benefits of using Instapage is that it allows you to monitor your landing page's performance as soon as it gets published. If you're using the built-in heatmap tool, you'll be able to see what your visitors have been doing while viewing your pages, such as where they've been clicking or how far they've been scrolling. You can also view the conversion rates of your pages and other analytics data as well as run A/B tests.


Landing pages are vital to your online advertising strategies because it ultimately makes the user decide whether or not he or she will stay on your page and become a conversion for your business. Instapage not only allows you build impactful landing pages fast but also creates multiple pages, with a dashboard that is both easy to use and easy to navigate and offers features perfect for those looking to sell a product.

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