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While things are look good for the growing small business community, many small business owners face a big challenge when faced with rising rents and cost of living costs. As a small business entrepreneur, most people would be afraid of the rent going up or their landlord raising their rates.

Most people’s apartment rents have increased by $250 per month this year. This has them thinking, “how am I supposed to live?” This is a question that is being asked throughout the country due to the rising cost of rent due to supply and demand. The only way for individuals to cope-up with the increasing rent cost is to stick to some strict budget.

However, it is easier said than done. One needs time and research in order to keep a track of your expenditures and savings. Everyone should be aware of the increasing trend of rent costs because one cannot afford it if they do not have any other source of income.

In this episode, Adella Pasos plans to share her top ten businesses anyone can start if they cannot afford their rent increase of this year. These businesses do not cost a lot to start and can be started part-time or full-time — think consulting, freelancing, blogging, YouTube channel, Kindle Publishing and so on. She also discusses why it is important for entrepreneurs to start a business no matter what the circumstances are. Watch the video to see her top 10 online business ideas.

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Adella Pasos is an entrepreneur and marketing expert who makes a difference. She has grown brands from scratch, worked with startups and small businesses, and Fortune 500 corporations too. She has revealed to her clients the ability to access their niche market via online, social media, mobile, merchandising, and events.

Another of her popular shows is the “What’s Your Game Plan TV” show, which features free expert advice, growth strategies, free tips and trends, and tools to make a business succeed. She can be found on IMDB, Instagram, YouTube and her official website.

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