Today, more and more customers are questioning the value of the services they buy. If you want to get paid what you're worth here are five ways to sell on value and not price:

    1. Be Unique

    If there is nothing that differentiates you from your competition you’ll become just “common” in their eyes. A good place to start is to take an inventory offers and your competencies. Are you a specialist in some area? Think about how you can make your products or services valuable and unique. 

    2. Set High Standards

    If you work with anyone and everyone your value drops. If people have to qualify to work with you your value increases. Don’t forget to keep your prices firm. That sets the pace for the transaction and helps reduce any friction.

    3. Educate Your Clients

    The way to get paid what you're worth is to visibly demonstrate your value to your clients. Always include samples of your most recent and relevant work and be prepared to make an impressive presentation. 

    4. Reject price shoppers

    Studies show that only 15% of people make their decision to purchase a product or service based on price. This means that the majority of customers appreciate value and are willing to pay for it - if you can demonstrate it. 

    5. Provide value that no one else offers

    Value can be offered in many ways. Do your research and find out what is important to your target market. Start thinking about how you can help them resolve their problems. Can you keep your clients more compliant? Or provide protection for the things they care about the most? Can you help increase their credibility, or level of comfort? 

    You don't need every customer in the world to be successful and you definitely don’t need the ones who want to compete on price.  Have you ever had trouble selling on value?

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