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July 2015

NBC Universal Share the Good Video

Open Possibilities is NBC Universal ’s purpose and platform for social innovation. It encompasses diversity of pro-social initiatives, which tackles issues from inclusion to environmental awareness, and creates opportunities for all aspects of our business to unleash shared value. At NBC Universal, they are enabling individual potential and inspiring collective action to move people forward.

Many of us have the luxury of sleeping in our warm beds at night. For those who don’t, I decided to take the day off and give out pillows to the homeless and less fortunate. Take a look at the video:


adella pasos nbc universal


NBCUniversal, shares the good in five key ways:

Knowledge. We educate and inform audiences on issues that matter.
Inclusion. We champion diversity, equality and media that highlight various points of view.
Creativity. We empower play, entrepreneurship, co-creation, imagination and novel ideas.
Participation. We facilitate community service, volunteerism, engagement and connection.
Achievement. We inspire and develop people, teams and communities to be their best selves.


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