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  • Adella Pasos Nominated for Best Use of Social Media Award

    Congratulations to Adella Pasos for being nominated for “Best use of Social Media” award. The That Business Show Awards Dinner will be held on January 23,2017. The hosts will highlight many different business owners that appeared on the show throughout 2016 and hand out awards in the following categories:

    Business of the Year
    Non-Profit of the Year
    Best on Air Personality
    Best Show Supporter
    Best Use of Social Media
    Doctor of the Year
    Lifetime Entrepreneur Award
    Most Innovative Business
    Most Inspirational Story
    Startup Company of the Year
    Working Woman of the Year
    TBBO Member of the Year

    Adella Pasos - Iheart Radio Business Entrepreneur

  • The International Bikini Model Search – Adella Pasos places in Top 5

    Adella Pasos has been featured in several magazines over the course of her career and has showed us her fit physique. This year Adella competed in the The International Bikini Model Search , held in florida.  Hundreds of models and photographers travel from across the globe to attend these events and thousands of models participate in their contest.

    The  International Bikini Model Search Swimsuit competition promotes that models will achieve professional growth and helps align opportunities with brand sponsorship, magazines and agencies in the modeling industry, as well.

    Nearly 90% of the models and photographers who have competed in an IBMS Event in the past have been published in national and international print and online publications. The IBMS connects industry professionals from all around the world.

    The grand prize giveaway was $5000 in cash and prizes and a trip to Punta Cana, D.R.  Adella Pasos did not win the grand prize, but was very thankful and fortunate to have placed in the top 5 of the contenders.

    Check out her behind the scenes pictures from the event!


    International Bikini Model Search

    International Bikini Model Search


  • Coin Cutie TV host Adella Pasos starts Bitcoin Marketing Agency

    bitcoin marketing agency

    When you first hear swimsuit model, your first thought may not exactly be descriptive of a tech savy, well-educated business woman. That’s until you meet, Adella Pasos. This powerful businesswoman and entrepreneur has taken every opportunity to disrupt stereotypes. She’s shared her passion for growing brands from the ground up with entrepreneurs worldwide. Before she transitioned into the entertainment and modeling industry, for the past decade, she’s worked with Startups, Small Businesses, and Fortune 500 Corporations that recognize the value of marketing. Adella’s strong emphasis on marketing strategy has enabled her to give many clients the ability to access their niche market via online, social media, mobile, merchandising, and events.

    Author of the book, “How to Make Money Online: The Ultimate Playbook for Success”, She host a football themed TV show called, Ask Adella, where she helps entrepreneurs create, grow and monetize their business. Being a techy at heart, who has a deep passion for online business; she recently started a new show called “Coin Cutie TV”. Adella wants to help the world understand the benefits of Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency, the future of the blockchain technology, and engage with the community to help increase its exposure.

    Many people around the world are constantly asking, what is bitcoin? Adella is here to help! Her bitcoin marketing agency, Crypto Marketers is accepting new clients daily and is focused on helping businesses with the following services:

    Content Marketing Strategy – Content marketing builds communities, inspires engagement and increases rankings via creation and sharing of high quality, problem-solving content.

    Web Design and Development – Living in a digital world where first impressions count on an outstanding web design, we convert visitors to customers

    Social Media Marketing – Be the socialite of the party. Are people saying great things about your business? If not, let our experts help.

    Email Marketing – This amazing marketing tool provides an effective connection with your targeted audience, delivering ROI.

    Digital Consultancy – Aiming to define a tight digital strategy, we specialize in Pay-per-Click, Digital Media Buys, and Mobile Ads.

    About Crypto Marketers
    We deliver a personal, passionate & tailored service to each and every one of our clients, big or small. Helping each business grow with award winning tools & solutions. Because we understand your bitcoin and cryptocurrency market, we are able to craft meaningful stories appealing to the emotions of your target customer. We help increase your brand value and overall presence online.


    Bitcoin Marketing Agency

    Bitcoin Marketing Agency

    Bitcoin Marketing Agency>
    Bitcoin Marketing Agency
    Bitcoin Marketing Agency
    Bitcoin Marketing Agency
    Bitcoin Marketing Agency
    Bitcoin Marketing Agency
    Bitcoin Marketing Agency


  • Adella Pasos releases her first book on entrepreneurship

    Book:  How to Make Money Online: The Ultimate Money Making PlayBook for Success

    Author: Adella Pasos



    adella pasos

    Author Adella Pasos Releases her book on entrepreneurship and marketing

    New book to Help People Make Money Online successfully released in the Market, Now Available in Kindle edition at Amazon Store and on IBooks

    New book that features results driven tips and techniques on how to make money online has been officially released in the market. The book entitled How to Make Money Online: The Ultimate Money Making PlayBook for Success written by Adella Pasos is now available in Kindle edition at Amazon store.

    To date, the Internet technology provides multitude of opportunities to all online users. Millions of people around the globe use the World Wide Web to make a purchase and look for income generating opportunities even if they are at home. The book serves as a marketing guide to all entrepreneurs who are planning to take their ventures into the next level by going online. The book is on marketing strategy and entrepreneurship category. Adella is currently running a special introductory offer of her first book for a limited time only.

    The book is a strategic guide for all online entrepreneurs in marketing their business to success over the web. It features results driven ways in which online entrepreneurs can start marketing money over the internet in the shortest possible period of time and grow their business online strategically. It provides readers with a comprehensive list of reliable monetization strategies used by Fortune 500 companies worldwide. These strategies are proven to boost sales to online businesses effectively.

    The book is not just for seasoned entrepreneurs; it is also for students, stay at home moms, small start up businesses to large enterprises that wants to drive profit or simply make more money. With the help of The Ultimate Money Making PlayBook for Success, people can learn how to generate money by promoting their services or products. They can also learn how to generate royalties from selling logo or branded merchandise or how to start their own clothing line or capitalize on skills you already have!

    About the Author

    The book provides comprehensive information on how entrepreneurs, both novice and pro can generate money over the web with the products or services they could sell to customers online. The product is authored by Adella Pasos, who is an entrepreneur herself and at the same time a fashion model. Adella shares her passion helping people achieve their dreams, and grow their business online. Her wealth of experience working with small enterprises and fortune 500 corporations as well as entertainment enabled her to share successful strategies that could help anyone start making money online today.


    Learn more how to make money online by purchasing the book How to Make Money Online: The Ultimate Money Making PlayBook for Success by Adella Pasos at Amazon store by clicking this link. For more information about Adella, visit her official website at .  For comments and queries, contact Adella through Email ,  Facebook or Twitter.


  • Adella Pasos awarded Hottest Future CEO by Creative Loafing

    Adella Pasos was awarded “Hottest Future CEO” by Creative Loafing at their annual Lust List Recognition Award Ceremony. The pool of winners were recognized due to their passion and commitment to their profession. Adella was  selected for this prestigious award and recognized due to her ability to serve as an influential leader in the business community, as well as a diverse model.

    creative loafing adella pasos


  • Adella Pasos awarded opportunity as Miss Indiana Latina USA Judge

    Adella Pasos was awarded the opportunity to Judge the official Miss Indiana Latina USA  and and Miss Teen Indiana Latina Pageants.  Adella served on a panel of 4 other influential latinos from the chicago-land area.  This Pageant is the Official State Preliminaries in the MISS U.S. LATINA Pageant, and is a true celebration of Latina Beauty and Culture.

    Take a look at some of the pictures from the event below:

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