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January 2017

Adella Pasos speaks on Entrepreneurship at IHeart Radio

Iheart Radio Interview with Adella:

Cultural standards dictate that attractive and fit people have natural advantages over those of us who lack those features. While all people possess, or have the ability to possess, inner beauty, others struggle with physical features such as weight or disease that impacts their appearance thus resulting in an unfortunate disadvantage in life. As business professionals, it is important to remember that professionalism must be immune to the physical features of our counterparts. Adella Pasos, a Model and Entrepreneur, spoke to this issue on the “That Business Show” Radio program hosted by Jamie Maloni and Kelly Wilson at IHeart Radio.

Monday Through Friday 7am to 9am

Adella shares with the listeners her passion for growing brands and speaks to us about how to launch a successful business online and some of the ways to automate your business through the use of tools such as Infusionsoft. She has released a new book series for entrepreneurs and has tips for startups at her website www.askadella.com including the top franchise list of 2017, how to get setup online just to name a few. Catch the complete interview at www.youtube.com/jamiemeloni or on iTunes via our podcast.

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